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From Little Shots to Big Serves: Tennis is Forever!

Junior Tennis Programs

Welcome to SRQ Tennis in Sarasota, FL


Welcome to SRQ Tennis in Sarasota, FL, where we specialize in bringing the joy and excitement of tennis to families like yours! Our dynamic tennis coaching is perfect for kids aged 6-14, offering a blend of fun and skill-building that goes beyond the court. As a parent, you’ll appreciate not just how we develop their tennis abilities, but also how we nurture their character and team spirit. Start your family’s tennis journey with us and watch your children thrive in an environment that’s all about growth, enjoyment, and community. Join the SRQ Tennis family today!

Our programs

Centered around the player

Our 10 & Under Development Program called Kids Zone is a fun and approachable gateway into tennis for kids aged 10 and below. It’s an adventure in learning, filled with fun and structure. We’ve designed a variety of classes, like “Big Kids,” “Red Rally Club,” “Red Rally Pros,” “Orange Rally Club,” and “Orange Rally Pros,” to lay a strong tennis foundation.

At Kids Zone, we focus on athletic skill-building, proper techniques, and a clear understanding of tennis rules. This ensures a smooth journey from beginner to advanced levels. Our program is thoughtfully segmented to cater to varying ages and abilities, guaranteeing a fulfilling and enjoyable tennis experience for every child. Join us to watch your child grow and thrive in the world of tennis!

Our Youth Development Program is the perfect place for your child’s tennis journey. We warmly welcome young enthusiasts and guide them from their first swing to advanced competitive play. Our program starts with Foundational Players, where we ignite a love for the game and introduce basic skills. As they progress to Emerging Competitors, we hone their technique and introduce the thrill of competition.

The adventure continues with Competitive Juniors, where we focus on strategy and tactics to refine their play. Finally, for those aiming high, our Elite Juniors section prepares young athletes for college-level tennis with advanced training and mental conditioning. We’re committed to nurturing a lifelong passion for tennis, ensuring your child’s growth not just as a player, but as a sports enthusiast. Join us for a journey that shapes champions, both on and off the court!

  • Age-Appropriate Learning: Classes are divided into specific age groups and skill levels to ensure tailored instruction that meets each child’s developmental needs.
  • Comprehensive Skill Development: Focuses on all aspects of tennis, including basic racquet handling, serving, rallying, scoring, and match play, alongside developing agility, balance, and coordination.
  • Engaging and Fun Environment: Each session is designed to be fun and engaging, with a variety of games and activities that keep children excited about learning tennis.
  • Professional Coaching: Led by experienced and passionate coaches who specialize in youth tennis, ensuring high-quality instruction and a positive learning environment.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Offers multiple class times throughout the week to accommodate the busy schedules of families.
  • Progress Tracking: Utilizes regular assessments to monitor each player’s development and readiness for progression to the next level.
  • Family Involvement: Encourages parental involvement with specific sessions designed for parents to understand how to support their child’s tennis journey.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Emphasizes safety and supports each child’s physical and emotional well-being, fostering a positive and encouraging community.
Instruction levels

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MEet our professionals

Michael has over 25 years of playing experience and competed as top level junior in Florida. In college, Michael played for the University of Alabama Club Tennis Team, and over the years has played on 4.5, 5.0, 8.5, 9.0 USTA League Teams, and his team won the 2018 USTA 8.5 Sectionals.

Michael’s teaching career began when he was 18 as an Assistant Tennis Professional at The Country Club of Detroit for 4 years. From there he moved to North Carolina and became an Assistant Tennis Professional for Walnut Creek Country Club, then later becoming their Director of Tennis. After teaching for several years, Michael left to pursue other interests but soon learned that teaching tennis was what he enjoyed and is most passionate about. Michael brings a high level of tennis instruction and enjoys working with tennis players of all ages.

Michael is looking forward to sharing his passion and knowledge to help improve your game.

Nick moved to Florida and began playing tennis before the age of 10 at Billy Stearns tennis center, and developed into a high level player. In juniors Nick competed USTA tournaments. By 18 Nick taught at Longwood Athletic Club in Sarasota. Along with teaching adults as high level junior players, he also was a hitting partner for tour levels players. In recent years Nick was the middle school coach for Saint Stephens Episcopal School, leading them to a championship victory. Since 2019, Nick worked for the Bath & Racquet Club and Celsius Tennis Academy. Teaching beginners to advanced players of all ages and levels. Focusing on technique and player development Nick strives to maximize every players full potential. He hopes to see you at SSC and as he brings his passion to the court.

Scott is a long time resident of Sarasota, Florida and graduate from Riverview High School where he played #1 and was district champion all four years in addition to a state title in 1992. Scott obtained a top 5 ranking in all age divisions in Florida…

Michael BoothmanMichael BoothmanTennis DirectorNick AyersNick AyersTennis ProfessionalScott SchuhriemenScott SchuhriemenTennis Professional

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